Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The king is dead... long live the king.

Just a quick foot note.. I now have a replacement for Jelly Bean.  Today I got a call from a chap who'd seen my advert on the Hurley Owners Association website.  He'd bought a Hurley 20 on eBay a couple of years ago but never used it. It has just sat on his farm near Bicester slowly deteriorating.
I drove up and had a look,  The important bits are all good.  The GRP is good, the shroud caps have been replaced and the bow fitting has been strengthened. There is no flex on the coach roof suggesting no mast compression.  It has roller furling gear for the Genoa and the Claytonrite fitted windows have been replaced with stronger internal frames. 
Bad points, The rudder needs a repair to the lower pivot, I haven't checked the rudder post tube or the sea cocks but am assuming they will need attention.  Most of the woodwork needs looking at.  The floor boards need replacing as do the washboards and all other wood needs cleaning and varnishing. The sails look like they've seen better days but will do for another season or two.

We agreed on a price and she is now mine, I'm looking forward to getting her home and getting on with the recommissioning.


  1. Great news, in wish you all the best the Hurley 20 is a good and well made sturdy boat. Look forward to seeing the progress. Andy. Ps. Can you see the updates to my Alacrity blog for Seawitch? Not had any comments so feeling neglected...;-(

  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for the best wishes.. I have been keeping up with your progress. Your GRP skills look pretty excellent to me. I have been having trouble with blogger. I wasn't able to leave comments for a while.. not even on my own blog! So apologies to all, I know people have left comments that I haven't replied to. It wasn't through lack of trying so please don't think I was being rude :)

  3. Top dog!! Well done... comparatively painless transition I'd say... and nice name for a boat!

    Looking forward to news of the prep for next season.. give me a shout if you need any dumb labour! :o))

  4. Hi Phil, fellow EDSC member here, also with a Hurley 20. Will be quite nice if we have adjacent moorings again next year as X2 H20's next to each other on Poole Harbour will probably be a rare sight. Anyway, does your have a map table? If so, can I come and measure it up take a pic or two as mine is missing and I need to make a new one. Long live the King! cheers

  5. Hi Rog, I didn't check, the interior is a bit ropey... I put my foot through one of the floor boards:)
    The boat is still in Bicester, I am planning to bring it back on the 19th Nov. You are more than welcome to come and laugh I mean look at it then :D
    I did notice that the galley was on the Starboard side and other I have seen are on the port side. The bulkhead panel has been removed, I shall reinstate it as I believe it helps combat mast compression.
    Can't wait to get her home.

  6. Rog, Thanks for the 'Silky' I picked it up when I went to collect my tender on Sunday. I'll write a blog entry about it when I get 'Ciao Bella' home and start work on her.